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Corn naturally has a very high starch content. This allows the PlayMais pieces to “glue” together with just a little bit of moisture.

  1. Wet the included piece of cloth with water
  2. Wring the clothe out so it just remains damp.
  3. Touch the wet cloth with the side of the building block you want to stick to another.
  4. Hold the building block on the spot you want it to attach to.
  5. You can cut, tear, and form the building blocks to create your own masterpieces.

Playing with Playmais means kids actively experiment with form, color and structure, which furthers the development of fine motor skills as well as color and number recognition.

With PlayMais there are an unlimited amount of ways to play and create. PlayMais can stick to glass and paper. Decorating windows or creating cards are just 2 more ways to use your creativity and imagination.

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